Avidlove Women Lace Lingerie Satin Sleepwear

This is a very nice lingerie sleepwear set.It is pretty comfortable and the material is soft and silky.There are a few colors to choose from,I chose the coffee brown color and it looks exactly as pictured.It is very beautiful and nice to sleep in.My husband likes the way i look in it and like that i sleep in it.I like that it is sexy plus the comfort.It has a low cut and sexy v neck,i like the lace design going down the v neck.I ordered  xl and it fit pretty well,it is pretty true to size for me.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

Acevivi double head percussion massager

This massager works very well,I like that you can change the heads/nodes on the massager to fit your needs.The nodes are easy to switch out just twist them off then get the next set and twist it on,simple. The massager also has a heat option.I got this product for my husband as a father days gift and he loves it.It is best if some one helps and uses the massager on another person.It is pretty big and gets a little heavy after a while.I use the massager on my husbands back.You can also use the massager on your feet,calf or lower neck.It is recommend to use for 15 minutes and not any longer so you wont damage your body or overload the product.You can also set the speed settings to massage slow and move it up faster or to your liking.I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

Silicone Oven Rack Guards

I love to bake but sometimes I am in a hurry and  I accidentally touch the end of the rack and burn my hand,I have found a solution to that with these nice silicone oven rack guards.The rack guards are made of good quality and come in a set of 3.I like that they are easy to install and you can cut them to fit the length of your oven rack.The oven rack guards are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

Hillmax Camping Lantern with 3 LED Modes

This is a very nice camping light,it is made of good quality.The light includes batteries so you are all set.The bottom of the light twist if to add batteries if you need to.The green button on the front of the light is the on and off switch,there is also 3 different light modes.The sides of the camping light go up,there is a metal handle to it is easy to hang up.I think the light would also be good for working on cars at night or if there is a light outage,The light is pretty bright and works good.I am pretty happy with this light and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

Colore Xtra Large Ultra-Durable Moveable Blackboard Chalkboard Contact Paper

With it being summer i have been looking up new activities to keep my kids busy and entertained.I came across the blackboard chalk contact paper and knew it would be a great idea.My kids love to draw and color so this is perfect for them.You can use the contact paper anywhere!I chose to add it to the back of a big box and let them draw on it outside.The set includes 5 pieces of chalk each chalk is a different color,there is blue,yellow,pink white and green.The set also includes a 1 white chalk marker and a wipe/erase cloth.You need to shake the chalk marker a little to make the chalk marker draw before use.I am pretty happy with this set and would recommend it.

Monthly Magnetic WhiteBoard Refrigerator Calendar

This monthly magnetic white board calender is very nice and made of good quality.I like that you can custom is it the way you would like.It is easy to write on and easy to erase when you need to or if you make a mistake.There is also a spot on the side to write notes or you could write down birthdays or special dates to remember that will not fit on the square for that date.I love that it includes a set of dry erase markers,the markers have a magnet on the side of the lid so you can have them on the refrigerator next to the calender.The markers have erasers on top but the set also includes a large smiley cafe circle eraser.With the larger eraser it makes it easier to erase the whole calender when the month is over.I am pretty happy with this calender and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

Salt Lamp Home Decor Night Light

The SDlife salt lamp is very nice and easy to use.The salt lamp is a night light and it plugs into a socket.There is a switch on the front to easily turn the light on and off.There is also a little button on the side of the salt lamp to turn the direction of the salt lamp.The salt lamp can turn 360 degrees.I like that there are no long cords to worry about.The salt lamp is great to purify the air and is supposed to help with allergies.The light gives a nice relaxation lighting and seems to help my kids fall asleep faster.The light has a calm feel to it.I have a 4 year old daughter who is scared of the dark,this light lights up her room pretty well so it helps her a lot.I received this product as a sample and i am very happy with it.