Great way to make extra money!

sign up here -Download the toobar. [or not, your choice really!] -Set as your home page. -Use swagbucks instead of Google. [Although you will need to use Google for some things, but not regular things like facebook, comcast, yahoo, etc.] -You can win 4 times per day by searching. There have been two times when I won 5 times, but it's very rare. -"Like" the Swag Bucks page on Facebook. -Follow them on twitter or at least know you can find them there at -If you go to the shop & earn tab, you will find hundreds of online stores, probably some that you are already using. Swagbucks gives you 2 swagbucks for every $1 you spend at those stores, as long as you shop through the Shop & Earn tab on the Swag bucks home page. -Go to the swagbucks homepage and click on your account. Then on the left where it says, "My Facebook Settings" and click that.. you can then click all the options and save. This will post any time you win or find a code, etc. on your Facebook. It also has your referral link hooked up to it so when people click on it and sign up, you will get credit. -For every referral you have, you will win every time they win [by searching only, and only up to 1000 swagbucks, but that's 2 $5 gift cards per referral!] -In the toolbar there is a little inbox. Mine doesn't always refresh, so sometime I miss it but they sometimes put codes in there or at least a search for a code. -Also in the toolbar or on the homepage, there is a tab that says 'Special Offers'. If you click that, you can view the 'no obligation offers' once a day and you will get credited for that. There is only 5 and you just press 'skip' or 'no' at the bottom. Takes about 30 seconds. -There are also videos you can watch that are usually worth 2 swag bucks. They range from 30 seconds to 5 min. One time there was a video worth 11 which was pretty good. They are usually just commercials. -They also have some that are easy and you don't have to give your email address or personal info, but you have to look for them. -There is a daily poll you can take once a day. -Also, they have recently added surveys. There is a 'profile' you need to fill out and each section is worth 5 swagbucks, but there is a lot. Then you can do surveys that average 100 swagbucks per survey. You won't always qualify, but it's nice and easy when you do. -When cashing in your gift cards, it costs less swagbucks to buy 5 $5 cards than it does to buy a $25 one. The only difference is, you can have more to spend per month if you buy the $25 ones. This is because you can only buy 5 of a single prize in one month. Like last month, I bought 5 $5 ones and a $25 one, because I didn't want to wait another month to cash in another $25. That will probably be the last time I do that.. it just all depends how fast you need the money. -When/if you notice your friends on Facebook have just won within the last few minutes, that is a good time for you to try to win. It seems like it's more of a time thing, rather than the actual words that you are searching. My friends and I usually win within 15 min. of eachother, one after the other. -You can fan Stevies Savings here on Facebook. She usually posts when there is a code out. -They have just added Swagbucks TV which can be found on the home page. You can watch short videos and can win 3 swagbucks 25 times per day. It seems like it would take awhile, but you don't have to watch the full video, just click on the next one once the meter moves. Search & Win

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