Personalized Key chains

I have started making bows for my daughter recently and while I was looking up tutorials I found one on how to make bottle cap key chains.I wanted to get my sis something for mothers day but what do you get some one who has pretty much everything?Well after a lot of thinking I figured I would try to make personalized bottle caps.There wasn't really any info on how to make them personalized or how to make the images for bottle caps so i tried and tried for a few hours on a program I have called Paint shop pro and finally figured it out for myself.

Once I start something I wont stop till i figure it out lol So I finally had a great gift for my sis!A personalized key chain with my neice's picture =)I have found some pretty nice charms to add to the key chains also it makes them look a lot nicer.Here is one I did for a friend.I didn't add the charms to this one.I didnt think about it before and sent it to her already with out them.I didn't find the charms till later.I also found some necklaces on ebay and figured hey why not?I know there is some people who really like that or could give as a gift.
My picture doesn't really show how really nice it looks,it looks a lot better in person.If you would like one just leave me a comment,find me on facebook or email me at .I'm selling them for $8 each plus $2.75 for shipping of course if you order more than one prices are subject to change.Maybe soon I will start selling some of my bows if anyone is interested.That is my future blog post mission lol

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