New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes

I was chosen to try and review the New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes!It was a great experience,I love trying new make up and different looks.I got to try out The Smoky & Natural pallette.BA Star puts quality before anything.BA Star Eye Shadow goes on easily and compliments any ones eyes.I Love the way it easily blends two different colors.The colors are very pigmented and stay put.The BA Star Eye shadow last all day long.Wonderful,neutral shades great for any eye color.I love the Hot smoky eye look and it was great experimenting with the colors.

I also received The Body Shimmer Base.I think it compliments the Eye Shadow even more.What is great about the BA Star eye shadow is that it can be good for casual and a night out on the town.Your eyes will definitely stand out.

I tried the Dark smokey eye look here

These affordable Palettes contain 5 High Pigment Eye Shadows + Eye Shadow Base for All Day Hold!

Available in 2 color combinations: Midnight Smoky and Natural.

                                                 About the Product
                                                 New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes!
                                                       High Pigment & Long Lasting.
                                             2 great Color Combos: Smoky & Natural.
                                                         Retails at only $8.75!
*Disclosure: I received this item for free for the purposes of testing and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Wow! That's a great price~ I love shadow base. I can't go without it anymore.

  2. Ooo it looks great! I really love the colors and the pigmentation is great!

  3. I love how it all looks subtle, but totally pops at the same time. You really do look like a star!