Merry Plastic Baby Early Education Educational Toy

The Merry plastic educational toy is really cool and a great hands on activity for kids to put together.It was pretty easy for my 5 year old son and I to put together.The instructions are pretty simple and it shows pictures of what you will need to use to put each car together.The set includes a toy screw driver and a toy wrench.The tools are the perfect size for little hands and easy to use.It's great that children can put something together than enjoy playing with it.The toy car parts are pretty well made and sturdy.It also includes stickers to place on the car parts for eyes for the cars.It only took about 10 minutes to put the car together,I had my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter take turns using the screw driver.It's fun for my son to put the car together than take it apart than put it together again.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.

I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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