Blue Diamond Solar Glass Jar Decoration Light

The glass jar light is very beautiful,It is about 6 inches tall and the jar is made of pretty thick glass.It includes a hangar that is made of thick thread.I love that it is solar operated so you wont ever have to worry about switching out the batteries.It looks nice in the daylight and even nicer at night,You can see beautiful patterns from the light that shine off jar.It has a automatic sensor to turn on at night then turn off when it is daylight.The sun charges the light for you.

You can use the light indoors or outdoors.There are a few colors to choose from,I got the blue glass jar.The colors are very vibrant and beautiful.The light will last around 8-12 hours during the night,after fully charged during the day.The lid of the jar has the solar panel attached to it.

It has a led light bulb under it,it also has a light switch to turn it on and off.The jar is light weight and easy to move around.I am very happy with this light and would recommend it.

I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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