iZtouch IZSP-012 Black IP Camera

The iZtouch wireless camera is really nice.The camera is made of good quality.We have cameras outside of our home but when we are gone and have our children with a babysitter it is also great that we can check up on them inside to see how they are doing.The Camera is very easy to install,we installed it in the living room.It is connected to our router.You can also install it with out connecting it to a router and have it connected wireless.The camera comes with a power adapter to plug into the wall.You have to use a pin like tool to press the small black button to set i up.It will make a chaching noise.Then it will begin beeping.You down load the iZtouch app then register with your email.The app will then ask you to enter the code that is on the bottom of the iZtouch camera.You will either have to plug the iztouch to the router or turn wifi to a non 5g network for it to connect.It took a few tries to connect because with 5g it was having trouble im not sure why but as soon as I turned that off it said success.

The camera also includes a ethernet cable that you can plug into the router,If you do not want to run it wireless.I think connecting it to a router is  better and it connects to the app quicker.The camera is pretty clear and in color.You can hear everything that is going on.You can also hold down the microphone button and talk to some one on the other end.It has a built in speaker and mic.It;s pretty cool that it has night vision also.You can see clearly who is around at night while you are away or if you are in the room and here something in the living room where the camera is at,you can easily check on it with out going out of the room or turning on the light.It's great to be able to check on things while you are not at home.It works for miles which is awesome.You can also be out of town and the app will stick work.I love the style of the camera and the way it looks.It looks stylish and fits in with our decor.I love the black color it looks very nice.You can also move the cameras direction from the app to look around the room,now that is awesome.You can take pictures with the camera also but you would need to purchase a sd card.I take screen shots if i want to save something to show my husband later.I am extremely happy with this product and would recommend it.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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