Sound Intone 120 folding hadphones

The Sound Intone headphones are very nice.I ordered the red and black design,there are a few other colors to choose from.The headphones are made of good quality,they are pretty strong and durable.The headphones are padded pretty well and fit nicely.My son 13 and loves to hear music and play games on his tablet.Now that he has these headphones he can listen to his music and games on his tablet and not bother anyone else.The headphones fit him great,the headphones are adjustable so they can pretty much fit anyone.

The headphones have a R and L on each side to show you which way to put on the headphones.The R is for the right and the L is for the left side.This is great for children or if you are not sure which way they go.The headphones have a built in microphone so while you are on your iphone you can still take calls.The cord is made of a fabric coat.The headphones sound pretty good,I like that the headphones can be folded to take up less space.My son has his own desk at home where he can put the headphones in easily and not worry about them taking up so much space.He also has a headphone stand that they fit on as well.The headphone stand is not included.

The headphones sound great and make my son happy so we are all pleased.I would recommend this product.

I received this product at a discount price in exchnage for my honest and unbiased review.

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