Super cute Dragon blanket with dragon plush!

The dragon tail is really cute.I have bought the mermaid tail blanket for my daughter but could never find anything for boys until i came across the dragon tail.My son was super excited to get his very own dragon tail blanket.The dragon tail blanket is very soft and plush.It is made of mink fleece fabric and is comfortable.I also love that it includes a stuffed dragon.The stuffed dragon is very cute and made of good quality.The dragon is about 9 inches tall.The dragon is a orange and red color.The blanket is green with purple.The colors are very nice and vibrant.My son loves the dragon and sleeps with it.The dragon tail is pretty long,it is about 54 inches long and recommended for  ages 3 to 16 years old.That's what makes this blanket so great,my son will not out grow it for a long time.My son is 5 years old and when he puts the blanket on it can go above his head,it covers his body well when he goes to sleep.It keeps him well covered and warm.The blanket is great for going to sleep but it is also great for relaxing and watching a movie.The blanket is made of really good quality,it is stitched well and seems very durable.It is machine washable and easy to clean.I love how much detail was put into making the blanket look just like a dragon tail.I love that my son can also walk in the blanket,he can put his feet in the wings and walk if he needs to.The blanket is easy for him to slip on and take off.I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it.

I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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