USB Endoscope Camera

The usb endoscope is really neat,it includes a cd that you need to install the software in order to use the endoscope.The setup is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes.Once you install the software you can plug the endoscope into your laptop.It has a usb plug on the end.The length of the cable is about 16 ft,it is a pretty good size and can reach a pretty good distance.On the end of the endoscope the camera has a led light around it so it is easier to see.The light helps so much so you can easily guide the endoscope wire down the pipe and see if it is clogged or any damage.It's awesome that it is water proof so you can check your bathroom pipes or kitchen pipes and not have to worry about it breaking or ruining it.You can take pictures and video on your laptop.I didnt realize that until after i took a picture with my iphone.It also includes 3 small tools a mirror,1 hook and 1 holder.The picture is pretty clear and the endoscope is easy to use.I put it down a pipe for our washing machine to make sure everything looked ok.It was pretty neat to see inside some of the pipes.This endoscope works great and i am very happy with it.I would recommend this product.

 I also included this picture of my daughters Easter bucket so you can get a better idea of how clear the picture is.I took the picture with my iphone but you can take a picture using the software included.

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