Lightahead Electronic Guitar

The guitar is very nice,a perfect gift for anyone little girl.I really love the detail and designs on the guitar.The guitar is made of good quality,it is well made and durable.There is a red on and off switch on back of the guitar.The guitar takes 3 AA batteries but are not included.The guitar has 2 pink buttons on the bottom front of the guitar.Each button plays a different song.The songs are fun and instrumentals.The front of the guitar is pink and the back is purple.You child can pretend to play along with the song or play a song of their own with out the music and only the guitar strings.

There are 4 knobs on the back top of the guitar to tighten up the strings if they should become loose.The guitar is light weight and easy for a child to carry around.The guitar is easy to hold and play music.The sound of the guitar is really good,the music volume is also good.The music i not too loud so it will not bother you.The shapes going down the guitar light up and shine with the music as well as the circle in the center of the guitar.My daughter is very happy with this guitar and I would highly recommend it.

I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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