Clear Contractor Bags 42 Gallon Trash Bag By Primode

The clear contractor bags are a great size.the set comes with 50 bags.The bags are 42 gallon trash bags.The bags are really tough and hold up well.I had a bunch of boxes that I needed to get rid of.I ripped them up and placed the each in the trash bags one by one and the trash bag did not rip or snag.There is no holes in the trash bags from the cardboard boxes.

I fit a ton of the card board boxes in to one 43 gallon trash bag.I also collect and recycle cans,bottles and more.It is hard to find a good strong bag that can carry a lot of things with out ripping but with these bags I dont have to look any further.I like that they are clear so you can see what is inside.For instance if you are moving and need to put each childs clothes in a separate bag you can easily tell which bag belongs to which child.Also works great for collecting cans ,glass bottles and other recyclables.I am extremely happy with these trash bags and would recommend them.

I received this product at a disocunt price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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