Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale with Weight and Height Change Detection

The Ozeri all in one baby scale is great for keeping track of your babies weight to make sure your baby is gaining weight,and also staying on track with their growth with out having to wait to go to the doctor for baby check ups.My son was having stomach problems and we had to use a regular scale to keep track of his weight but it was difficult I would weigh myself then weigh myself holding him then subtract my weight to figure out his weight.That way was very confusing and I wasn't getting a accurate weight for him.With the baby scale you can track their height and weight in one.The scale is pretty accurate and is made of good quality.The scale is durable and has no slip grip circles on the bottom to keep the scale in place.I like that it also has a tar button to subtract your babies diaper or clothing to make sure you get a accurate reading.I placed my daughter doll on the scale so you can see how it reads.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.

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