Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit Palette

My daughter loves makeup so i decided to get her this set,it was a hit.The Makeup kit comes in a cute leopard case that snaps shut.It is small so it fits perfectly in your purse.The kit include 20 different eye shadow colors.5 different colors for lip gloss,2 colors of face powder and 2 colors of blush plus a eye shadow brush.The blush is kind of bright for my skin color but it looks nice on my daughter.The eye shadow goes on easily and last for hours.The lip gloss also goes on easily and last.When you order you will get a random color case.The color i got was a grey leopard color which is fine with me.The makeup kit includes a mirror on the inside of the case.The makeup kit arrived find and all makeup was perfect none were broken or cracked.I am happy with this set and would recommend it.This product was provided to me as a sample.

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