Onlyyou 1 panel black out curtains

These curtains are very beautiful and look elegant.The curtains are a dark blue and look just as pictured.I love that they are soft and made of 100% polyester fiber.In our kitchen the sun shines really bright all day long and it feels extremely hot during the summer time,with these curtains they have blocked out the sun and it feels much cooler and relaxing in the kitchen.I love the size of them they fit perfectly on the window.The length is perfect also since the are 52WX63L they do not touch the ground or drag.I like that you can easily slide them open if you do want a little sunlight to shine through,The curtain panels were easy to instal and only took a couple minutes.The lighting in my kitchen isnt to well so the pictures to not do the curtains justice.You will only receive one curtain panel per order so if you need another one like i did you will have to order two they do not come in a set.There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from.I am really happy with these curtains.I received this product as a sample.

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