Ozeri BP2M Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert Technology

The blood pressure monitor is very nice,I love how it has a cuff to fit around your wrist.The screen is pretty big so it is easy to read.It only take a couple minutes for the monitor to take your blood pressure.You will have to have your wrist flat and arm up to be balanced with where your heart is at or it will not work.The blood pressure monitor is light weight and does not feel heavy on your wrist.I like that you can use it on your wrist and it does not get really tight like the ones that go around your arm.

You can set the time and save your readings.The monitor talks and guides you to let you know if you are checking your blood pressure correctly then will say your results out loud.The blood pressure monitor is made of good quality.The monitor comes in a grey plastic case to protect the monitor.The monitor is really easy to use and the results seem accurate to readings i have done before at the doctors office.I received this product as a sample

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