Mini Quadcopter Drone

This mini quadcopter drone is pretty cool,it is super fun to use.My kids love it!It takes some time to figure out the controls and get used to it.I have used other drones but could never figure them out,this one is a lot simpler to learn.You could have it roll across the floor or have it fly around.I like that the ball covers the blades so you wont have to worry about it hitting something and it getting damaged.The drone includes a square battery that you need to connect to the drone then slide it inside the drone.There is a little switch on the back of the drone to turn it on.The remote does not come with batteries.I like that it has cool lights,the drone includes spare parts also.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample and my findings are based on my own impressions of the product. In no way was my finding influenced by my sample.

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