Silky Soft Oval Makeup Brush

Im no makeup brush expert and have not tried a lot of makeup brushes before but these make up brushes are pretty awesome.The makeup brushes are a oval shape and makes applying makeup easy!Foundation goes on easily with these brushes,I used the second to the largest brush to apply my foundation and I loved the way it easily blended on my skin.I used the smaller brushes for around my eyes and it was easy to apply..

The brushes are soft but firm.The brushes are made of good quality.I like that the set includes different size brushes.The set includes 10 brushes,the handles are easy to hold.I like that it takes of half of the time I spend putting on my foundation then with out these make up brushes.I received this product as a sample and my findings are based on my own impressions of the product. In no way was my finding influenced by my sample #Elite1Reviews  #Ad

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