Sweet Ice Cream Kite for Kids

The ice cream kite is very pretty and a cute ice cream design for kids.I got this kite for my daughter and she loves it!I love the bright,fun and vibrant colors.The kite is easy to put together and has easy instructions to follow.The kite is also easy to take apart and folds up nicely for when it is not in use.It doesnt get very windy here where i live but it is still easy to get the kite up and flying.It has been pretty windy here lately so it was super easy to get the kite flying today.The string on the kite feels durable and is very long so you can get the kite flying high.The kite is made of good quality.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample and my findings are based on my own impressions of the product. In no way was my finding influenced by my sample.

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