HOBEST Bluetooth Headphones

The Hobest headphones are really nice and made of good quality.The headphones come in a nice case that has a key fob to hang it on your belt or carry it with you.I like that the headphones are blue tooth and wireless.The headphones easily connect to my phone with blue tooth.The headphones sound great and are easily adjustable,You just need to slowly pull where the ear buds are then the wire will come out and you can pull it as much or little as you need to then place them in your ears.There is a button on the side to retract them.You can adjust the volume with your phone.I like that they easily fold up and fit in the case.The headphones are light weight and go around the back of your neck.They are pretty comfortable and dont bother me at all.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample. #elite1sreview

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