Rimable Frog Kick Scooter V2

This is a pretty awesome scooter,I have never seen anything like.The scooter is great for kids and adults.The scooter came pretty much put together all i had to do is add the handle bar and twist the lever on the bottom to make sure the scooter stays up.The scooter is foldable so it is easy to put away when not in use.I love that it also has breaks to stop yourself.The handles have a rubber grip so they are easy to grip.The scooter is easy to adjust you can lower the bar where the handle bar is to adjust the height.The back wheels on the scooter light up when the scooter is in motion.At first the scooter was a little bit tricky to use but once you get the hang of it the scooter is super fun!I ordered the black scooter with red where you place your feet.The spot where you place your feet also has rubber on it so you do not slip.The scooter is easy to control and easy to turn.The scooter is made of good quality it is not too light so its durable.I can really feel the brun when i am using this scooter it is a great way to help you get in shape or a fun way exercise and a get a nice workout in.We have had so much with it.I am happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

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