Soft Touch Pet Deshedding & Grooming Glove and Collapsible Travel Bowl for Food or Water

The grooming glove is nice and made of great quality.The glove is comfortable when wearing it,it is easy to brush your dogs hair while wearing it.My dog has short hair and he enjoys it being brushed,he is a small dog and the tips on the glove are soft and gentle for him.He is getting a nice massage while im brushing his hair and the glove brush keeps the hair on the brush.

The dog bowls is pretty awesome since it can be easily folded and I can take it along with me to the dog park or while on a walk with my dog.I like that it folds away compact so I can easily store it away when not in use and it does not take up much room.I received this item as a sample and I am pretty happy with it.The set includes a grooming glove brush and a collapsible dog bowl.There are two different colors to choose from blue or pink.The glove has velcro on the bottom so it is adjustable to fit your needs. #IwasInvited #sponsored

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