Monthly Magnetic WhiteBoard Refrigerator Calendar

This monthly magnetic white board calender is very nice and made of good quality.I like that you can custom is it the way you would like.It is easy to write on and easy to erase when you need to or if you make a mistake.There is also a spot on the side to write notes or you could write down birthdays or special dates to remember that will not fit on the square for that date.I love that it includes a set of dry erase markers,the markers have a magnet on the side of the lid so you can have them on the refrigerator next to the calender.The markers have erasers on top but the set also includes a large smiley cafe circle eraser.With the larger eraser it makes it easier to erase the whole calender when the month is over.I am pretty happy with this calender and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample.

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