Backseat Storage Organizer

This is a pretty awesome backseat storage organizer, it is a great size.The backseat organizer is made of good quality and can be cleaned off easily.The backseat organizer is made of oxford polyester so you can easily just wipe it down.There are three adjustable straps,they will fit with two head rest or three.The pockets have a top that close with Velcro,they are easy to open and close.I love that there is spaces for a water bottle,we travel a lot so i will use this in the back seat filled with snacks,things like coloring books and other activities for my kids to do.My oldest is 14 so he can reach over and hand things to my two little ones while I am in the front seat.You wont have to be squished with bags or other things between the seats.You wont even have to get out of the car like  if you stored things in the trunk.This is very handy and can many uses.I received this product as a sample.

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