TEC.BEAN 4K Sport Action Camera

I have been wanting a Sports action camera for a long time and super excited to be able to finally get one.The camera is a good size and takes good picture plus video.The sports action camera comes with pretty much everything you need,so many accessories!It also includes a waterproof case,a extra battery and there is a battery already in the camera plus they are rechargeable!The camera includes a bike mount and helmet mount.The camera is easy to use and includes simple instructions to follow.I like that you can easily press the buttons even though it is inside the waterproof case.There is a app to download so you can view your photos and videos from your phone.The only thing that is missing is the usb card,it will not let you take pictures unless you have one.The screen is 2 inches and looks clear.The camera has a 4K resolution,it has a 170 degree wide angle lens.I like that the camera takes pictures perfectly even when in motion.I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.I received this product as a sample. #Iwasinvited 

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